Retail Immersion

Retail Immersion is a two day retail simulation where teams compete to win commercial supremacy in a virtual market place. Each team is fully responsible for owning and operating their own store, as they take part in a highly competitive and real-time challenge to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of the shoppers in a virtual town.

How does it work?

The retail battle consists of several rounds that challenges teams to strategise in a variety of areas, including overall store strategy, layouts, ranging, marketing, inventory, financials, suppliers, staff, and much more. Teams liaise with banks, suppliers, recruiters and customers as they manage every level of retail planning and operation across four financial years.

It’s fast paced, challenging, and lots of fun.

Who is it for?

This experiential training is ideal for account managers, KAM's, NAMs, marketers, sales and commercial support staff (E.g. demand planning or operations) to become better equipped to work with retailers for mutually beneficial outcomes. Retail Immersion offers a greater understanding of how retailers think, the pressures they experience and the value chains that impact decision making and how to use these to better influence outcomes with customers.

Gain a deep understanding of how retailers think

Understand how to influence retailer behaviour

Create more effective joint business plans and strategies

Learn how to enhance value chains for win-win outcomes

Anticipate and plan for changes affecting retail partnerships

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